Natural and simple ways to de-stress Stress is caused by a number of reasons. It can be caused by personal problems, health, work or even family problems. However, no matter what life brings you remember that it is okay to take a time out and de-stress. One natural and simple way to de-stress is by
Delegating work is important if you are working in a team or leading a team. Not only will it help you do your job quicker, it will also help you build relationships with your colleague and help you achieve a work-life balance. In order to delegate effectively, it is important for you to first and
Motivation is important as it keeps us focused on our goals and it gives us spirit to get on with the challenges that we are facing in our lives. However, when things get busy, it can be easy to lose motivation and lose sight of where to find them. The simplest way to find motivation
Human brains are created by muscles and tissues that helps us connect memories together and store them so just like every muscle in the body, if you want your memory to be stronger, you have to exercise your brain muscles regularly. Unlike other body parts, brain muscles needs new information to help them get stronger
It is known that human beings have the attention span of a goldfish. Which means every individual can only focus for a few seconds at a time before their thoughts drift into deep thoughts. There are a few tactics you can follow if you want to train your mind to focus. Practicing meditation helps. Meditations
In this digital era it is easy for people to get lost in entertainments and information portrayed by the media. Most of us would rather have our face glued to our screen on the commute home rather than trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Once in a while, disconnect with your digital