Market Creation Course


Digital media channels may have been seen as novelty 5-10 years ago, but today their importance is no longer debated. Like it or not, businesses have realised the power of social media as well as other digital communication platforms, and are now using it to drive business and economic growth. In fact, social media marketing has to become an integral part of their standard marketing and communication strategy.

It has made the global marketplace to become infinitely more accessible, by eliminating geographical boundaries and allowing even small businesses to have a bigger customer base that spreads across the world.

The confluence of these different media and communication channels has recently come to be known as “Milllennial Media” as the millennial generation is currently the most adept at using these platforms. In fact, they have been growing up using them. It is of the utmost importance that any modern business that wants to be successful, must understand and be able to navigate the current millennial media landscape.

These new digital communication channels are not going away, and in fact, will continue to evolve further in the future. Any business that expects to stay competitive needs to be able to be well-versed in mastering the millennial media.

The Millennial Media Course (MMC) is a holistic, practical and extremely relevant training programme, designed to get participants on the fast track to understanding and mastering digital media for both personal and business purposes. It covers an inclusive range of topics covering everything from connectivity basics, right up to designing and implementing your own millennial media marketing strategy, for a product, service or business. All our programs, including the MMC, provides participants the opportunities to learn and work with professionally certified instructors in the modern and well-equipped facilities.

The class modules primarily use the lecture format with practical examples and demonstrations that are supported by various media materials to address various learning styles. In additional to in-depth question and answer sessions, which focus on materials covered in lecture and media presentations, individual/group presentations will be used to evaluate the participant’s performance.



  1. Gain an over-arching historical perspective of digital media and its role in the world today.
  2. Acquire a conceptual base for understanding how art, media and culture affect each other society.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of devices, media platforms, applications, tools and new technologies creatively.
  4. Develop the critical vocabulary, in which to describe and analyse new media in their communication and interactions.
  5. Clearly communicate concepts and create work relevant to contemporary culture.
  1. Creator Academy value positivity, inclusivity and results focus, which shines through in all our programs.
  2. Learn effective strategies which are real-world applicable; our highly experienced instructors will guide you at each step of the way.
  3. Our innovative courses go beyond just improving specific skills; we aim to transform your life and even how you perceive the world around you, build skills, motivation and confidence.
  4. We accept participants of all ages – from students to working adults and professionals.
  5. State-of-the art, well equipped facilities, purposefully designed to enhance the communal learning experience.
  6. Dedicated to Service – getting our participants to achieve their goals is always our priority, so we are committed to providing support and guidance when needed, to ensure they achieve success.